Parnassum and „Charles‘ Angels“

Parnassum e.V. is always looking out for opportunities. Opportunities to meet new people, to learn something new and to create new ways of interacting with each other. Our philosophy is to look out for people and ideas, resources and general needs, variety in contributions or ‚random‘ situations that turn into really nice surprises. Charles‘ Angels is named after Charles who was an inspiration to this new project. The goal is not only to give, but also to raise awareness about giving, sharing and being open to people and things that seem so different at first glance. Our contributions do not follow any newly created rules, entire programs or existing laws. It is somewhat of a drive-by donation that can be inspired by anything in our everyday life.


Charles and the orange winter coat
It started out, when a Parnassum member spotted Charles, a homeless with a very nice face, in front of a big supermarket in Marseille. She couldn’t help but notice that there was something special about him. He looked different than all other people who can always be seen at Place du 4 septembre, close to Catalans Beach.
One day she walked up to him and they started talking. It turned out, that he is originally from Britain, living on the street in Marseille. He has come a long way. His main mission now is to learn French as quickly as possible so he could find a job.
Everything about him is just so lovely, it’s an exotic mix. Charles with the angelic smile, a very soft voice and a strong British accent never complains or speak badly about other people. The only thing he asks for now and then is a cigarette. He is very smart.
We decided very quickly to approach him and specifically ask for a few things he might need: book to learn French, a warm wintercoat and winter boots in size 45.We asked around, friends, family and collegues. In only two weeks we had found what we were looking for. Thanks to Matthieu Boisson Charles will not be cold anymore.

We were in a hurry when we gave Charles his new things. He was extremely taken. We’ll meet him again in a few weeks and more fotos will follow soon.

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